Conan O’Brien Wins Late-Night TV With Jay Leno Jab

PHOTO: Conan OBrien, star of TBSs late-night series CONAN.TBS
Conan O'Brien, star of TBS's late-night series, hosted the "Tonight Show" from 2009 to 2010.

As Jay Leno departed late-night television Thursday, his previous “Tonight Show” replacement wasn’t ready to let the occasion pass without a jab.

Conan O’Brien took over the show in 2009, but NBC switched back to Leno a year later.

O’Brien later landed his own show, “Conan,” on TBS. The scorned host has moved on, but he hasn’t forgotten the slight. During his monologue Thursday, O’Brien took a shot at his former network, saying, “NBC has the Olympics. It’s a big deal. NBC will finally get to show somebody who’s okay with passing the torch.”

Jay Leno Gives Tearful Final FarewellPlay
Jay Leno Gives Tearful Final Farewell

The audience erupted and clapped, and O’Brien gave a “thumbs up” to the camera, laughing along.

“I allowed myself one, but it was a good one,” he said.

Fellow late-night host Jimmy Kimmel – who has shared his own rivalry with Leno – was more civil, writing on Twitter, “Issues aside, 20 years at #1 is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations and best wishes to @jayleno on an incredible run.”

David Letterman, Leno’s contemporary for decades, wished Leno luck on “Late Show.”

“If I was Jay Leno and I was retiring, you know what I would do? I’d go out and I would buy myself a car,” Letterman said.