Connie Britton Is Single But Dating: 'It's An Important Part of the Balancing Act!'

The "Nashville" star opens up about being a single mom and a U.N. ambassador.

ByABC News
April 9, 2014, 4:47 PM

April 9, 2014 -- As the star of "Nashville," a new United Nations ambassador and a single mother, Connie Britton is used to balancing a number of responsibilities.

However, she still makes time for her personal life.

"While I'm single at the moment, every once in awhile, I'll be like, 'Oh yeah! I've been working and being a mom. Where's the man?!'" Britton, 47, told ABC News. "I've been able to balance that in as well. I'm not in a full-time relationship right now, but I am [dating]. That's part of the balancing act, and it's an important part!"

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Right now, though, the main man in her life is her three-year-old son, Yoby, whom she adopted from Ethiopia in 2011. The actress is making sure that her son has "a very big vision of the world," which will likely become even easier now that she has become a goodwill ambassador for the U.N., focusing on poverty eradication and women's empowerment.

"It really is something that I've always dreamed of doing, just to really be able to do productive and effective work in the world," she gushed. "I was just so shocked because I thought, 'No, this isn't how life works!' Isn't it cool that sometimes it does work that way?!"

As a single woman balancing work and her personal life, female empowerment is something that comes naturally to her. Still, like many working women, Britton admitted that sometimes it's difficult to find time for everyone in her life.

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"It's a constant learning process and I certainly haven't mastered it," she said. "A big part of my day is figuring out the best way to balance being completely present at home and completely present work because for me, it's not acceptable to do anything other than that. It's tough."

"I know I'm not alone in that and I'm fortunate because I'm able to have a lot of help. Still, that can only go so far because I'm the mother," she added. "And I want to be with my son."

Still, the former "Friday Night Lights" star feels fortunate to live the life she has. Her son, she gushed, is "hilarious," and their life in Nasvhille feels comfortable and serene.

"I dreamed of being an actress and couldn't imagine how I would ever get to that but here I am doing it. I dreamed of adopting a child and I really do feel incredibly fortunate," she said. "It's about trying to create the life that you believe is true for you."

She certainly has.