'Creed' Second Trailer: 5 Takeaways From Intense Clip

5 takeaways from the new trailer.

— -- A new "Creed" trailer is here and there's a lot shared in 2 1/2 minutes.

Here are your 5 highlights:

1 - Rocky is Sick

Around the halfway mark, Rocky collapses while training Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Johnson, Creed's son. We then see Rocky in the hospital.

2 - The Backstory

Adonis is also in jail at the beginning of the clip and Rocky has lost everyone he loves, including his wife and Paulie.

3 - A Title Shot?

We see a champion carrying a title belt and there's a presser about an upcoming battle. The champ questions Adonis and his pedigree, taking shots at him for using his father's name to cash in. Could Rocky be molding a champion?

4 - The Love Interest

5 - Homage to the Original

In the final scene in the clip, we see Adonis try and chase a chicken. If you recall, that's what Mickey had Rocky do back in the original from 1976. Adonis immediately catches the chicken and Rocky says chickens must have gotten slower over the years.