Danica McKellar Describes Her First Kiss Ever on 'The Wonder Years'

The actress shares the biggest perk of having it happen on-camera.

For McKellar, one contributing factor was that her character's first kiss was also her first kiss ever.

"I remember reading the script and seeing that I was gonna have a kiss and I was like, 'Oh my gosh! I'm about to have my first kiss,'" she said in a collector's DVD clip. "I was totally nervous."

"It was really nerve-racking because there's 50 people standing around watching you," she said. "Now, the one upside of having your first kiss on camera is that you know for sure that it's gonna happen. You don't have to wonder! The downside is that you have an audience, so that was crazy."

It took the young actors six takes to get it right.

McKellar said that her grin made the first attempt unusable.