Darrell Ward, Star of 'Ice Road Truckers,' Dies at 52

The star of the History Channel show died in a small plane crash Sunday.

— -- Darrell Ward, star of the History Channel's reality show "Ice Road Truckers," died Sunday in a small plane crash.

The 52-year-old Ward was heading from the Great American Truck Show in Dallas to Missoula, Montana, to begin filming a pilot for a new show about the recovery of plane wrecks when his plane crashed. He and his co-pilot both lost their lives.

The adventure-loving trucker was also a father and a grandfather.

Ward, who lived by the motto, "Any road, any load," rose to fame through his four-season documentary series, "Ice Road Truckers," which followed him as he navigated icy roads. Season 5 of the show was set to begin filming in the winter.

According to a press release posted to his Facebook page, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.