Debbie Reynolds' Son, Todd Fisher, Says Her Death 'Happened Very Gently'

The actress died one day after daughter Carrie Fisher.

ByABC News
December 29, 2016, 7:45 AM

— -- Debbie Reynolds' son, Todd Fisher, said his mother was rushed to the hospital Wednesday but doctors told the family there was nothing they could do to save the actress.

"She was very peaceful and quiet," Fisher told ABC News. "It happened very gently."

Reynolds, 84, died after a stroke Fisher said she suffered at the family home while making funeral arrangements for daughter Carrie Fisher, the legendary "Star Wars" icon who had died the day before.

Todd Fisher, 58, added: "She loved taking care of my sister more than anything. So, she gets to do that and that's what she wanted to do.”

Fisher said Reynolds' "missed her daughter" and that she wanted to "see her again."

"I don't think she really meant it quite like that, but ... she went to go see her again."