Why Is Dennis Hopper Divorcing His Wife From What May Be His Deathbed?

Friends of Victoria Duffy-Hopper say the actor may want to keep money from her.

ByABC News
January 20, 2010, 5:59 AM

Jan. 20, 2010 — -- What went wrong between Dennis Hopper and Victoria Duffy-Hopper? Those close to her wonder if the terminally ill actor's estate might be the reason he filed for divorce -- from what may be his deathbed.

"It's just so screwed up," a friend of Duffy-Hopper's family told ABCNews.com. "Maybe it's a money thing."

CLICK HERE to see the court documents of Hopper's divorce filing.

The friend suggested that tension between Duffy-Hopper and Marin Hopper, Dennis' oldest daughter from an earlier marriage, might have led the actor to move to end their nearly 14-year marriage. The friend also noted that Marin Hopper has been spending significant time at the Hopper compound in Venice, Calif. with her father and Duffy-Hopper.

"Marin is there at the house with them now, as I understand, and [Hopper] apparently wanted her to become the executor of the will," the friend said. "If he's dying in the next four weeks, what good is this going to do? It must be the money."

In October, manager Sam Maydew announced that Hopper, 73, was undergoing special treatments at the University of Southern California to battle advanced prostate cancer. Hopper's condition has reportedly worsened dramatically in recent weeks.