'Desperate Housewives': What You Probably Don't Know

Things weren't always hunky-dory with the cast offscreen.

May 10, 2012, 4:10 PM

May 11, 2012 — -- intro: After eight years of backstabbing and cheating, hiding relatives in basements and setting fire to houses, "Desperate Housewives" ends its run on Sunday. Drama, you can be sure, will ensue.

Much has changed since the show began in 2004. We've said goodbye to some "Housewives" and boy-toys, like the fickle Edie Britt and Gabby's hunky pool cleaner, and welcomed newcomers. Has there ever been a next door neighbor as fabulous and conniving as Vanessa Williams' Renee Perry?

But even the closest watchers of Wisteria Lane weren't privy to some of the stuff that went down behind the scenes. Before Sunday's series finale, ABCNews.com uncovered three things you may not know about the show:

quicklist: 1title: On-Set Therapytext: People magazine writer Charlotte Triggs said Marcia Cross "is like the therapist for the cast. She said everyone can vent to her." Eva Longoria sought comfort from her "Desperate Housewives" family after her 2010 divorce from basketball player Tony Parker. She often went to Felicity Huffman for advice.

"Felicity is someone that she was leaning on, especially after her divorce from Tony," Triggs said. "Felicity was really supportive of her and really helped her through a hard time."

Support from her onscreen neighbors has been so crucial to Longoria that Triggs said the actress "hasn't really come to terms with the end of the show yet. It's something that she's still grappling with." On Wednesday, Longoria told David Letterman that she cried when she finished taping the series finale: "They said 'that's a wrap' for the last time, and that's when the tears came." media: 16321545

quicklist: 2title: Mary Alice Livestext: And by that we mean Brenda Strong, the actress who plays the dead housewife who narrates the show, has a big presence on the set.

"She's very much a member of the family because she's on set every single week recording her voiceovers, and they've brought her back from time to time for flashbacks," said Mickey O'Connor, editor-in-chief of TVGuide.com. Off set, she hangs out with the gals too. "She has had events and fundraisers that the other cast members have attended," O'Connor said. media: 16321525

quicklist: 3title: Teri Hatcher's Rumored Feud With the Casttext: When "Desperate Housewives" began, Hatcher was the show's biggest star. Then, she won a best actress Golden Globe in 2005, and some say that trophy caused a rift between her and her castmates.

"You could trace the tension back to then," said E! Online gossip columnist Ted Casablanca. "It was a huge coup for her. Teri was riding a wave that year, and she was sort of riding it on top of everybody else."

The tension may still be simmering. Longoria, Cross, Huffman and Williams reportedly didn't include Hatcher in their parting gift to the "DH" crew. TV Guide magazine's William Keck observed Hatcher on the set and said she "physically separates herself from the others during breaks in filming."

For her part, Hatcher told TV Guide, "I will never disclose the true and complicated journey of us all, but I wish everyone on the show well." But she's unequivocal about her admiration for one cast member -- Andrea Bowen, who plays her daughter on the show.

"I say a lot about her and I mean this so much – my [real-life] daughter could not have a better role model than Andrea," Hatcher recently told People magazine. "She doesn't have a big sister, and Andrea will be the big sister." media: 16321601

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