Drew Barrymore Calls Life With Two Daughters a 'Juggling Act'

Barrymore opens up about life with her newborn baby, Frankie.

May 21, 2014 — -- Drew Barrymore is just one month removed from having her second child -- a daughter, Frankie -- but the actress didn't waste any time getting back into gear or relaxing after giving birth.

"I knew that I have two kids to take care of now and just kicked my own butt to get back into the swing of things immediately," she told People magazine.

Along with newborn Frankie, Barrymore and her husband, Will Kopelman, are parents to an older daughter, Olive, 20 months.

Barrymore, 39, said the biggest challenge during the first few weeks has been the sleep schedules of the two girls.

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"They're awake and asleep at different times, or awake at the same time, and it's a juggling act a little bit," she said.

But no matter how hard, Barrymore shared the priorities she puts on herself for raising her two girls.

"Always being on time, being there when I say I'm going to be there," she said. "Creating a real stable home. I know when my daughter wants to swing higher and jump into the pool and all of these things, she feels safe. To make your kids feel safe is everything."

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The "Blended" actress added that Olive loves being a big sis.

"Olive loves Frankie and just wants to hang out with her all the time. She wants to feed her. She's super into it. That's now. I'm sure things will ebb and flow," she said.