How Elle Macpherson Stays Fit at 50

The supermodel reveals her beauty secrets.

— -- Elle Macpherson is the definition of age just being a number.

The supermodel may be 50, but she's still stunning.

Macpherson spoke to Ocean Drive magazine and revealed her secrets to looking so good, even after the milestone.

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"'Beauty at every age' is such a boring cliché, but beauty is not just reserved for youth," she said. "There’s a big movement that supports that. I didn’t feel any kind of milestone pressure turning 50 at all, perhaps because I’ve been preparing for this stage of my life for a long time."

The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and Australian beauty just turned 50 this past March. Not to mention she has two children -- Flynn, 16, and Aurelius, 11.

"In my 40s, I started to focus on health and wellness; I stopped drinking and taking any drugs—even aspirin—and I began really cleaning out my system," she added. "By the time I hit 50, I didn’t feel any sort of plateau physically, and it didn’t feel like a shock emotionally either. It wasn’t like, Oh my gosh, I’d better get myself together before I turn 50; it was more like I was reborn."

Macpherson even said she didn't expect the response she got this past July when she posted a selfie in a bikini and everyone was amazed at her flawless figure.

"I got an e-mail from my business partner asking, ‘Can you take a selfie while you’re on holiday, so I can post it?’ And I said, ‘Ugh, I don’t really do selfies.’ So I asked my stepdaughter to snap it," she said. "I had just gone for a swim when we did it. I just tweeted it and didn’t really even think anything of it. It had a phenomenal response."

Finally, the model opened up about her husband Jeffrey Soffer.

"My greatest gift is my husband who I adore and our family; we have five children between us in different parts of the country, and life is rich and fulfilling and sometimes really hectic," she said.