Eminem says Donald Trump 'makes my blood boil'

The rapper blasted the president in song at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in October.

— -- Eminem has been very vocal about his disdain for President Donald Trump for some time.

However, in a new interview with Vulture, the rapper offered more candid thoughts about the commander-in-chief.

According to the performer, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, his concerns about Trump date back to 2015, when the then-presidential candidate famously said that Mexico was sending "rapists" to the United States.

"He makes my blood boil," Eminem told Vulture. "All jokes aside, all punch lines aside, I'm trying to get a message out there about him. I want our country to be great too, I want it to be the best it can be, but it's not going to be that with him in charge."

Eminem, 45, said that he knew from the beginning that Trump had a good chance at winning the presidency, but didn't say much about him until this past October. At the BET Hip-Hop Awards, the Detroit-born rapper blasted Trump in a four-and-a-half-minute video, accusing him of ignoring tragedies in favor of "causing a Twitter storm," providing "support for the Klansman" and slandering Hillary Clinton. He also called him a "racist 94-year-old grandpa."

"I get almost flustered thinking about him -- that's how angry he makes me," he explained to Vulture. "The people that support him are the people he cares about the least and they don't even realize it ... this guy who's never known struggle his entire f------ life, who avoided the military because of bone spurs, who says he's a billionaire, is really looking out for you?"

Trump, 71, has not responded to Eminem's comments. However, if he ever does, the rapper, who recently released a new album, "Revival," has a plan in place.

"I'm not going to give any away now, but I've got lines ready if he says something about me," he said.

In the end, Eminem doesn't want a Trump presidency to last until 2018, declaring, "I hope he gets impeached. I'd be there for that."

"I just feel mad that Trump's sold people a dream that's never coming true," he continued. "I want the division in this country to stop. I most want people to take a second and think about what I'm saying."