5 Emojis to Best Describe Beyonce's New Music Video 'Formation'

Queen Bey dropped a surprise video ahead of her Super Bowl performance.

The song is typical Queen Bey female empowerment fare, telling women to "get in formation." The new single also has a tinge of southern pride and acknowledgment of the singer's heritage.

Her lyrics -- "My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana/You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma" -- prove as much.

There are also lighter moments in the video, including amazing choreography in a dark hallway, inside an empty indoor pool and in a parking lot as Bey sings, "Okay ladies, now let's get in formation."

The Beyhive has been tweeting their approval of Beyonce's latest effort. Here are the best emojis that describe "Formation":

Showgirls Emoji

Toward the middle of the music video, Beyonce and her bevy of dancers perform fast-paced choreography in a parking lot. The girls stand in a straight line. So it's fitting that the Showgirls emoji complement this scene at the 2:28 minute mark.

Bey even used the emoji when showing behind-the-scenes photos from the video.

Currency Emojis

Hot Pepper Emoji

Throughout the song, Bey reminds her fans that although she may live in New York City with her husband, Jay Z, and their daughter, Blue Ivy, she's still a Texas girl at heart. She sings, "I got hot sauce in my bag, swag." Although there's no hot sauce emoji, another spicy emoji will do.

Waves Emoji

One of the most powerful scenes of the music video is toward the very end. After Beyonce sings atop a police car surrounded by water, reminding viewers of the powerful 2005 storm, Hurricane Katrina, she drowns. Many fans have been tweeting in homage to that scene.

Honeybee Emoji

If there is any emoji to capture Beyonce's entire career, it would be the Honeybee. It doesn't matter what Queen Bey creates, does, says or sings, the Honeybee applies and the Beyhive knows it.