'Empire' Recap: RIP Vernon...Well, Try To!

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October 15, 2015, 11:21 AM
PHOTO: Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon in a scene from "Empire."
Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon in a scene from "Empire."
Chuck Hodes/FOX

— -- On Wednesday's episode of "Empire," District Attorney Roxanne Ford was on a mission to put Lucious Lyon back in jail for the murder of Cookie's cousin, Bunky. She had the FBI raid Lucious' business -- Empire Records -- along with his home and even Cookie's Lyon Dynasty. Sadly for the DA, the witch hunt turned up empty so instead Roxanne brought Cookie in -- thinking she would break.

After days apart from her boys, Cookie did spill the beans. Sadly, it just wasn't the truth. Cookie told Roxanne that Lucious and Bunky got into an argument about Lucious' recent radio deal to buy all the urban music stations. The DA was thrilled by the news and told Cookie her investigation would put an end to the deal. "It's as good as dead."

Cookie won this round -- Cookie's answers clearly were not the reason why Lucious and Bunky got into an altercation and in fact, she just wanted to get her artists back on the radio. Very genius move, Cookie.

Across town, Lucious' eldest son Andre was still trying to get his old job back at Empire. Lucious was hesitant because Andre is living with bipolar disorder. But Andre asked his dad that if he could make the DA's investigation go away, could he have his job back. His father agreed.

So Andre dug up the body of his "Uncle" Vernon, whom his wife accidentally killed last season. Andre felt that if he could reveal that Vernon, the star witness for the DA's case, was dead, the case would be closed. So after digging up his body, Lucious put the body in the DA's car. Talk about shock value!

But why do we feel this just created more problems? Find out next week.

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