'Empire Records': 5 Things You Didn't Know, by Rex Manning Himself

On the movie's 20th anniversary, Maxwell Caulfield reflects.

The film celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this week, so ABC News caught up with the veteran actor, who is still very busy electrifying audiences, to find out about his busy year and reflections of "Empire" two decades later.

1 - Toby Maguire Was Supposed to Be in the Movie

"He'd signed on. He was down there where we shot it. The kids started rehearsing ahead of my arrival," he said. "I didn't even know he was in the movie, until I heard about it many weeks later that he had come and gone. I don't even know why he dropped out. I know he was a central role. He withdrew, maybe creative differences. But we don't have to worry about Toby, he's doing just fine!"

2 - Maxwell's Daughter Was in the Movie

"Yeah, Melissa popped into it, she was down there visiting and our director saw how pretty she was and asked to use her in a little montage sequence," Caulfield explained. "The scene is where she's listening to a headset and Ethan Embry is kind of swooning over her."

3 - There's an Alternate Ending

Caulfield said there's a few "Empire Records" outtakes that not many people know about.

"There was one with Coyote Shivers, who played that odd character [Berko] and he was a genuine musician. We had a scene, where the two of us where just talking like old musos and that didn't make the final cut. I also had a scene, where I came back and joined the kids for the jam up on the roof, they sort of cut that out," he said.

The movie ends with a fundraiser to save the store and performances happen on the roof.

4 - "Say No More Mon Amour" Is Not on the Soundtrack

"That always kind of got my goat," he said, laughing. "Why? I don't know what that was about. It makes no sense whatsoever."

"Say No More" was Rex Manning's famous hit song from the movie, one that fans still enjoy to this day.

5 - There Was No Premiere, Really

No red carpet, no big world premiere, nada. If you look up the box office take for "Empire Records," it's not even $300,000 domestically, which is staggering for cult classic carrying a cast of hugely successful actors.

"You can't hit a moving target," he said, adding that when the bosses decide something isn't worth full promotion, "It gets binned and you have to move on."

Luckily, the movie got picked up on syndication and the rest is history.

"It's great when a film that has merit, does get discovered," he added. "Thank God for the fact that you can download things now and discover movies like this."

Caulfield's Year of Resurgence

It's been a very productive year for Caulfield, who is in the midst of his third onstage production in the past 12 months.

"I've got to do quite a bit of acting," he said. "I'm much happier when I'm working."

Right now, he's in Anchorage, Alaska, starring in a rendition of "My Fair Lady" as Henry Higgins. The performances are taking place the Atwood Concert Hall. "I'm just coming into the period of my career where you move into those juicy character guy roles. This is a lovely production," he added.

Caulfield, like most accomplished actors and smart men, credits his wife Juliet Mills, an actress on hits shows like "Passions" and Emmy winner, with being the rock behind his success. The two plan to come back to New York later this year to celebrate their life together. The couple married in December 1980 and are coming up on their 35th anniversary.

"She's a remarkable woman," he said of Mills. "She's had my back ever since and is an incredible source of support on all levels."

Caulfield even credits his wife for letting him explore his career while she was starring on a stable soap opera for 9 years. More importantly, when he was frustrated with Hollywood, his wife inspired him to get back to doing what he loves and excels at.

"I was working only sporadically," he explains of life a few years back. "You tend to get type-casted and I couldn't bust out of it. She encouraged me to come back to New York and get my mojo back, and start acting off-Broadway. I'm now starting to reap benefits in the last couple of years of that."

Caulfield just did a tour of "Legends" in Australia with his wife and her legendary sister Hayley Mills, who you know from "Pollyanna" and "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," the prequel to "Saved by the Bell."

"I seem to be living out of a suitcase these days. It's great and I'm enjoying it while I can!" he said. "The guy who wrote 'My Fair Lady,' it was based on 'Pygmalion' by George Bernard Shaw. Shaw's mistress was Mrs. Patrick Campbell, her quote was 'I used to be a Tour de Force, now I'm forced to tour.' I've started to identify with that. I am getting to play some fun roles now."

In addition to "My Fair Lady" and "Legends," Caulfield started the year playing Felix Unger in "The Odd Couple" down in Southern California.

"I even did a couple of little Christmas movies for the same producer, 'A Prince for Christmas' and 'I'm Not Ready for Christmas,' which is supposed to come out later this year," he added. "I've had a great year. The longer you are in the game, the more grateful you are that people want to hear from you and see you."