How Eva Longoria is empowering the Latina community

"We're fierce and we're powerful, we want to lift each other up," Longoria said.

Actress Eva Longoria is continuing her activism for women by launching a new nonpartisan platform for Latinas called She Se Puede.

On the cusp of Hispanic Heritage Month, beginning Sept. 15, Longoria, 45, joined "The View" on Friday to share the reason behind her digital community, which is a "destination for the modern Latina who wants to level up her life," according to the organization's website.

"It was birthed from me and America [Ferrera] and Zoe Saldana, and we were all campaigning in Florida, advocating for yet another candidate on a stage, giving talking points and we were going, 'Why aren't we advocating for ourselves? Where's the community? And not only of Latinos, but specifically of Latinas,'" Longoria said.

"We're fierce and we're powerful, we want to lift each other up," Longoria said of the Latina community. "We wanted to build a digital community, a lifestyle, a platform that allows Latinos to see our power, believe in our power and to act on that power."

"Whether it's learning to open a small business, getting informed about a new workout, a cooking recipe or civic engagement, and so the platform's gonna be really exciting because it's gonna inspire and affirm and inform Latinas to leverage our power in a way that can transform our lives," she added.

Longoria and Ferrera also joined "Good Morning America" on Friday morning to share the message they hope to convey through She Se Puede.

"We curate content on everything from parenting and health and food and fashion and civic engagement," Ferrera said, adding that it's "a place for Latinas to be seen, to be represented, to be celebrated and to have the power that we have reflected back at us so we can ... own it, and act from our power."

She Se Puede is inspired by civil rights icon Dolores Huerta who is the co-founder of what became the United Farm Workers of America union and coined the movement's famous slogan, "Sí se puede," which is Spanish for "Yes, we can." Longoria told "GMA," "America and I worked with Dolores for decades and we just wanted to have her blessings because there's such history in 'Sí se puede.'"

Prior to launching She Se Puede, Longoria was already working to make her projects women-focused. She told "The View" Friday that she feels inspired to uplift women.

"Women are the CEOs of the household. We make the financial decisions. We make the educational decisions. We make the health care decisions," Longoria said. "In this pandemic, we've just seen women bear the brunt of the responsibilities -- whether it's for their business, for their job, for their children, home schooling."

"Women make the world go round. Women are the economic engines of this particular country and of the world. And, you know, we're not a special interest group. We are half the population of the globe," Longoria added.

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