Exclusive 1st look at the ultra-secret Skittles Super Bowl ad

The candy maker says only one person will ever see the full ad.

"You're probably wondering if this is a scene from that new Skittles Super Bowl ad that they're only showing to one single person," Schwimmer says in another clip. "I'm kind of wondering that myself."

The candy maker announced in a video earlier this month that they were creating a Super Bowl ad this year that they will only show to one person, a California teenager named Marcos Menendez.

While Menendez is the only one who will ever see their commercial, others can watch his reaction to the ad on Skittles Facebook page during the Feb. 4 game, according to the advertising trade publication AdWeek.

Skittles' alternative Super Bowl commercial, which will never actually air during the big game, comes at a time when Super Bowl ads reportedly cost an average of more than $5 million for a 30-second spot, according to Sports Illustrated.