Felicity Jones of 'Rogue One' Shares Secrets From the Film

She reveals what she stole from set and what she was doing with "giant monkeys."

December 16, 2016, 11:54 AM

— -- You know you have something good on your hands when Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Jones says she thinks she may be in trouble after spilling some “Star Wars" secrets.

The "Rogue One" star stopped by "Popcorn with Peter Travers" in advance of her big Lucasfilm movie out this week.

While explaining where her character Jyn Erso fits into the glorious universe that is "Star Wars," she revealed a few fun facts, including what she kept from the set and all about her last day filming.

She also spoke to Travers about her career, what it was like to work with her “Like Crazy” co-star Anton Yelchin and her awards nominations. Watch the full interview above, and check out the “Rogue One” secrets she spilled below:

She's No Princess

"Star Wars" has always pushed the boundaries of equality and diversity.

"I've always loved Han Solo," she told Travers. "I liked his kind of maverick behavior. I wanted that to be in Jyn. Someone who doesn't always play by the rules."

Jones is telling us that you shouldn't expect her character to be a dainty wall flower or anyone's girlfriend. She's kicking butt in this film and leading the way!

Jones added that she was a real "tomboy" growing up. Her mom told her to focus on "what you can do" and not on her looks.

She Physically Trained For the Role

Jones began her martial arts training while she was also filming another movie.

She joked to Travers about using her skills on the acclaimed movie critic: "Possibly, if this interview doesn't go the right way."

Jones also had to change her physical body and even the way she walks for her role in “Rogue One,” which she says was "what's best for Jyn."

PHOTO: Felicity Jones appears here on "Popcorn With Peter Travers."
Felicity Jones appears here on "Popcorn With Peter Travers."
Alex Scott/ABC News

Florence + the Machine is Jyn's Jam

Wanting to bring in an element of dance into the fight scenes, Jones would listen to music by M.I.A. and Florence + the Machine to get ready for filming.

"Just listening to [Florence + the Machine’s] music when you are going on to set, puts your mind in a certain space," she said. "You ... get into gear."

Giant Monkeys Shooting Lasers?

When asked what her favorite scenes in "Rogue One" were, she said there was "a lot of laser fire coming from giant monkeys ... you're running, doing this scene, and literally you look up, there's a huge monkey with this massive blaster."

"There was another scene with a giant fish," she also said. "Each of these creatures have three people operating them ... it's absolutely magical."

Her Last Day on Set

Jones said her last day included another beach sequence, which we've seen in the trailers. There have been beautiful, picturesque photos of stormtroopers walking in clear, blue water.

"There's just a whole area [on the back lot of the set], where they bring in tons and tons of sand," she said, adding that other beach shots had been filmed in the Maldives.

"It's Jyn running along, then falling into the sand," she said of her final day. "Everyone involved, it was such a labor of love, it was quite emotional doing the last shot."

What She Stole From Set

"I have her boots," she said. "I wear them to the park, when I'm going for a walk. I probably shouldn't have said that."

"Rogue One" hits theaters on Dec. 16.

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