'Fuller House' Cast Reveals First Official Trailer on 'Ellen'

The "Fuller House" stars appeared on "Ellen" to discuss the Netflix reboot.

— -- The official trailer for "Fuller House" is reminding everyone that family is forever.

Some of the most memorable phrases from the original series are brought back in the trailer, including Stephanie Tanner's go-to line "How rude," and Uncle Joey's classic phrase "Cut it out."

The "Fuller House" stars revealed to DeGeneres that even after all these years, the cast is still close.

"We do keep in touch," Barber said. "We have a group chat among the cast."

"The door's open if they want to," Cameron Bure said.

"Fuller House" will air on Netflix on Feb. 26, 2016.

Watch part of the "Ellen" interview, and the newly released trailer, below: