'Game of Thrones' Sean Bean on If His Character's Really Jon Snow's Father

The actor reveals what he knows!

— -- Warning: Spoiler Alert

So Sean Bean was on HuffPost Live the other day and a fan pointed out that there are theories that his character on "Game of Thrones" Ned Stark may actually be Jon Snow's uncle -- not his father -- as portrayed so far in the books and TV series.

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Bean's character was killed off long ago, but Snow still lives on with more books yet to be written by George R. R. Martin.

Will this rumor live on? "I don't really [know], I've heard some rumors," Bean told HuffPost.

But he did say, "I'm very much doubting that he's my son ... I've got my suspicions."

If Snow's not actually Stark's son, Bean said that would be a little sad for his former character.

"I brought him up, I spent all those years looking after him," he added.