George Clooney Reveals the Lengths Wife Amal Adapts for His Career

And what he does for her.

"I just did a junket," Clooney said about his new film "Tomorrowland." Each of the outlets has a different version of how to get to it. They'll be like, 'There's a kid, who plays you as a young guy George' and I go, 'Yeah.' [Then they go] 'Does it ever make you want to have a little George?'"

Clooney said, "there's always some way in."

"I'm a happier person," he said of being a newlywed. "We have a very happy life. We enjoy many of the same things and I very much enjoy the projects she takes on, because they have real consequence."

"I said, 'I gotta be in New York for three months.' She's like, 'Okay, I can do that.' Then she says, 'You know what I'll do, I'll take a teaching job at Columbia,'" he explained.

"I'll take a teaching job at Columbia, too," George joked. "So, we are able to adapt. I'll go to London and spend a little time in London while she can work and we'll be able to move back and forth."

Clooney added that Amal watches his films, but isn't a fan of all of them.

"She didn't like 'Gravity.' She felt that I floated off in space a little too soon," he said.