Ginger Zee Reminisces on Her 'DWTS' Debut!

"Last night was so amazing," Zee said of the experience.

I'm pumping in the airplane bathroom and reminiscing hard. Last night was so amazing. That word is overused but I genuinely mean it.

After the show last night I got about three hours of rest and now am headed back to New York City.

But I can't sleep! I'm still high on adrenaline from last night. From the moment I walked into the ballroom for dress rehearsal I had a genuine feeling of gratitude. I still can't believe I was able to do that last night. I can't believe I have Val as a partner. I can't believe this is real life.

I can't believe Amy and Robin made a trip to Los Angeles just to see me! Those are some dedicated friends and I was so happy to see their smiling faces in the audience.

Behind the scenes at “Dancing With the Stars” is a well-orchestrated chaos. Their award-winning makeup and hair teams jolt around making sure every inch of the cast looks perfect. The magicians in wardrobe were putting sparkle on costumes and re-sewing necklines until the hour before the show went live. As a TV nerd, watching the genius that goes into this production was fun in itself, and I found myself seriously excited by the behind-the-scenes part of the show, let alone the lights and glamour on stage.

When I hit the stage for the real performance I didn't have the heart-pounding, super-nervous energy I had imagined. I was pumped, don't get me wrong, but it felt warm and inviting. The crowd was so energetic. Val and I were in sync. And aside from about 10 seconds of the dance that I blacked out for, it was so great.

That said, watching it back I know there is so much room for improvement. Next week is the samba and I need to turn what Val and I have deemed my "excited Labrador Retriever look" into a sultry, engaging woman dancing a Latin dance.

That hard work starts tomorrow when we are back at practice. As soon as I'm off this flight I'm going to get to my little boy for a snuggle.