Golden Globes 2016: Stars React to Nominations

Lady Gaga, Amy Schumer, Brie Larson, Will Smith and more react to the honor!

December 10, 2015, 11:04 AM

— -- The nominations for the 2016 Golden Globes are in and stars have already taken to social media to voice their excitement.

Lady Gaga tweeted about her nod for "America Horror Story: Hotel," by writing "I apologize to my neighbors I'm still screaming in my apt in NY! I'm nominated as an actress for a Golden Globe what a dream is this real!"

Veteran actor Rob Lowe was also nominated for his show "The Grinder." He spoke to "Good Morning America" and said it's especially nice to be honored, given the show's unique humor.

"In an era when everyone wants something different in network television that's what this show is. It's original, I've not seen anything like it and have it accepted in the way -- a nomination like this is indicative of - it's just a great pat on the back for us," he said.

Regina King and Brie Larson also called into "GMA" about their nods.

"I haven’t told anyone," King said, adding she'll call her mom first. "It’s very exciting. Very, very exciting. I told my publicist, ‘Just don’t tell me the date that these happen, I want to put it out of my head, I don’t want to stress myself out the night before,’ so when he calls I’m like, ‘Oh s***, what happened in L.A.?!’"

Larson added, "My parents woke me up at 3 a.m. because I'm in Hawaii right now so I can't tell if this is a dream or not ... it just feels so insane. I just cant believe I'm gonna be attending this thing."

Rachel Bloom, who received her first-ever nomination for her role in "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," told ABC News she was in her office "with the lights shut off in an old robe" when she discovered her nod. "This is the best morning of my life," she added. "It's still kind of like a dream. I've been up since 4:45. So it's not 100 percent real yet, but its surreal, which is the way it should be. ...I'm just so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, not only for putting me on the map in my own career, but my show. I'm on my way to work right now and I can't wait to share the joy."

Idris Elba also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Limited-Series or TV Movie and Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama.

“I’m so excited, in particular, to be recognized for both 'Luther' and 'Beasts of No Nation.' For 'Luther,' what better way to celebrate the end of a great run than with this stellar acknowledgement. As for 'Beasts,' I can only hope this attention will get more people to see the brilliance of all that is Cary Fukunaga and my extraordinary co-star Abraham Attah."

Will Smith also released a statement.

"I generally frown upon being slapped and awakened by my wife screaming at me at at 5:30 in the morning, but when she's ecstatic I make an exception. I'm grateful to the HFPA for recognizing Dr. Omalu's inspiring and heroic story and I couldn't feel more honored to be included with this group of phenomenal actors. Congratulations, Dr. Omalu. See you at the Globes," he said.

Gina Rodriguez had two things to celebrate today.

"Today two fantastic things happened. My work on Jane was recognized and celebrated by some of my favorite people for a second year. And my student loans from the university that taught me to act were paid off. Education works, how serendipitous," she said.

Here is what other stars and nominees had to say:

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