Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry Leads '3-Point Revolution' in the NBA

VIDEO: Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Leads 3-Point
WATCH Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry Leads '3-Point Revolution'

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is the reigning NBA MVP and an NBA champion.

The basketball star is also leading what many are calling the "three-point revolution" -- he has made 288 3-pointers already this season, breaking the season-long record he set last year.

Curry's success has led Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to call for the NBA to move back the 3-point line, which is currently sits 23 feet, nine inches away from the basket.

The star's record-breaking season has also led many to believe Curry's greatness can he only be compared to other game-changing sports legends like Wayne Gretzky and Babe Ruth.

To put Curry's shooting skills in perspective, former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson did not make as many 3-pointers during his storied career as Curry is on track to make this season.