From Good Girl to Gangsta: Evolution of Miley Cyrus

Singer-actress sported gold teeth at her latest red-carpet appearance.

ByABC News
June 13, 2013, 12:43 PM

June 13, 2013— -- intro: Miley Cyrus has been transforming her appearance in recent months, and on Wednesday she capped off her new look with shiny gold teeth.

The 20-year-old singer-actress proudly mugged for cameras at the This Is Myspace event in Los Angeles, showing off her sparkly gold grill. She went full-on gangsta with a cropped pleather top paired with a combination denim-sweatpants bottom, leather jacket, pointed white heels and plenty of gold and sparkly bling draped around her neck.

Cyrus later took the stage at the event with Robin Thicke and the producer of her forthcoming album, Pharrell Williams.

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While her transformation from good girl to "gangsta" might seem startling, we've seen it happen right before our eyes.

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quicklist:title: Hannah Montanatext: Watching her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, film the television series "Doc" inspired Cyrus to go into acting. At the tender age of 12, she scored her breakout role in the Disney Channel (owned by ABC's parent company The Walt Disney Co.) series "Hannah Montana" in 2006. The show became an instant hit and propelled Cyrus to teen idol status, leading to several hit albums and 19392424

quicklist:title: Cyrus Falls in Lovetext: By 2009, when Cyrus was cast in "The Last Song," she had already begun moving into more adult roles. Having just ended her nine-month relationship with model Justin Gaston, whom she called her "first serious boyfriend," she began dating her "Last Song" co-star, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. After three years of dating, Hemsworth proposed to Cyrus last June.

But in recent months, the couple have been dogged by reports that they have split -- with Cyrus sometimes appearing in public without her engagement ring. She recently dispelled a report that she was dating Justin Bieber, telling D.C.'s Hot 99.5 radio station, "I'm engaged. I'm engaged! That's impossible."media: 18739446

quicklist: title: Cyrus Goes Punktext: Soon after becoming engaged to Hemsworth, Cyrus boldly chopped her hair into a spunky platinum pixie, shocking her fans. "Never felt more me in my whole life," she wrote, posting on Twitter a few shots of herself mugging in the mirror. Cyrus' daring new look was apparently long in the making. In a 2008 interview with "Good Morning America," she pointed out a framed photo of her idol Twiggy and vowed, "One day I'm going to cut my hair like [Twiggy], I know I am," she said at the time. "I will one day." Cyrus' clothing and jewelry (nose ring and multiple ear piercings) have also gotten edgier with her new ' 16997639

quicklist:title: Cyrus' Gangsta Looktext: Going for a look favored by rappers, Cyrus paired her sparkly mouth piece with bright red lipstick and her now signature cropped 'do. media: 19392414