Grandmaster Flash's Custom Dodge Charger Given Away to Stranger by Parking Attendant

The hip hop star parked his car in a garage and two hours later, it was gone.

— -- Grandmaster Flash has filed a police report noting that his car has been stolen.

"The car attendant says, 'OMG I've given your car to someone else by accident with no ID, no license,'" he wrote on Instagram. "He didn't even ask him to describe the car or its contents. He said the guy looks like me."

Grandmaster Flash, whose real name is Joseph Saddler, filed a police report on July 16 at 10:15 p.m., about three hours after the incident took place, according to Sgt. Carlos Nieves, a representative for the NYPD. The crime has been categorized as grand larceny auto.

An employee at the garage confirmed the report to ABC News and added that the attendant who gave away Flash's car has been terminated. However, as of last evening, the car, which contained three boxes of vinyl records in the trunk, had yet to be returned.

"How is this possible?" Flash asked on Instagram.