Guess Who Would've Preferred to Play Han Solo

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher discuss their "Star Wars" characters.

Ford told Muir that he enjoyed being a part of the new movie.

"You know, it was a good script. It was a director that I admire. It was a character that yeah, I've played before," Ford said. "It was an ambitious, interesting project and I was glad to have a piece of it. ... 'Star Wars' was good to me."

Fisher joked, however, that her scenes in "The Force Awakens" had left her a bit distressed.

"I got older and no one told me," she said. "[But] I still am Princess Leia. It doesn't go away. ... I'm her. She is me."

Meanwhile, Fisher said she remained impressed by Ford, whom she said still looked great.

"That is so annoying. Men have one fat cell and women have two to that one," Fisher said. "Harrison looks really good and he works at it too though. But he also was born with, you know, a DNA jackpot type thing. ... I just sit looking at Harrison and going, 'How do you do that?'"

"I'm an older, not necessarily wiser, Han Solo," Ford said.

The two said the chemistry that fans loved between Han Solo and Leia -- from the sparring to the arguing -- remained despite the years.

"It's like going back to a high school reunion or something and finding out that, you know, there's still people from that experience that you have a warm feeling about," Ford said. "There was that in the cast and also the crew."

But when asked whether the two characters got together in the new film, Fisher responded: "I can't tell you that."

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is produced by Lucasfilm, a subsidiary of Disney, which is the parent company of ABC News.