Gwyneth Paltrow Admits to Joining Mile-High Club

Watch her play "Never Have I Ever" with Johnny Depp.

— -- It's a game we've all played, whether we care to admit it or not.

"Never Have I Ever" is when someone spits out random questions and people give some sort of sign one way or the other to say if they have done that act.

The first question was if the stars had ever been to a nude beach -- Paltrow, 42, hadn't, but Depp, 51, and Bettany, 43, had. The same answers came after Ellen ask if they had been arrested.

Then came the question of joining the mile-high club? For those not privy, the mile-high club is when you do the deed on an airplane, since it's a mile above the ground.

And yes, all three admitted to it.

Check it out below.