How to Be a Celebrity for Halloween

There will be many Big Birds and Binders Full of Women this Halloween, but if you're like us, you might want to enjoy your candy corn without a side of political angst.

Enter the assemble-it-yourself celebrity costume: the key to looking clever without spending a lot of cash. We've come up with five ideas that use stuff you probably already have, won't break the bank, and will leave your fellow party goers wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Click now, rule Halloween later:

Arrested Flavor Flav

How to be the former "Surreal Life" star currently charged with misdemeanor battery and felony assault? Get a striped prison jumpsuit ($20) and a fake gold chain ($7.99). Cut out a circle from a piece of poster board (or regular paper, which will work too) and draw a clock on it, like this. Glue fake clock to chain, place chain around neck. Do not run around with knives. Yeah boyeee.

Child Saddled Snooki

The "Jersey Shore's" hardest partier is now a mom, so donning a sombrero and drinking out of a comically large margarita glass isn't going to cut it. Pick up a baby boy (this one's fist-pumping, but he's $36, so you could go for this $10 version) and some serious self tanner ($6). Don't have a leopard print bustier? (BLASPHEMY!) Forever 21 has a bunch of spotted tops and dresses for under $25. Straighten your hair, strap on your highest heels, go heavy on the eyeliner, and practice your best fish face.

Monochromatic Kim and Kanye

Easy couple's costume alert: he wears a white T-shirt and white jeans. Or a black T-shirt and white jeans. (Or all black -- as long as it's black and white, it doesn't really matter.) She wears a white dress -- this one's only $20 -- carries a bouquet of white roses, and shamelessly embraces all things bridal even though she's not officially divorced yet. (Not into flowers? Throw on this $9.99 veil.) Follow Snooki's hair and makeup cues. Get ice cream at some point.

Grown Up Suri Cruise

Mimic Hollywood's youngest style icon in adult versions of her covetable clothes. Pink trench coat ($50), shiny black ballet slippers ($20), a skinny headband ($5), and knee socks are musts, and things you'll actually want to wear after Oct. 31. Bonus points for toting this book and sneering at other "celebrities" as if they were gum on the bottom of your flats.

Angsty RPatz and KStew

They're on! They're off! While the relationship status of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart changes about as often as the autumn leaves, one thing is certain: they make a brilliant couple's costume. Both people wear vampire fangs (you know, the "Twilight" thing). He wears a rumpled flannel shirt, face full of stubble, and sad pout. She sports sunglasses, unkempt hair, a backwards baseball cap, and a white T-shirt with an ironic phrase written on it in Sharpie ("Jawa" or "Irie" work). Alternate between glaring at each other and nuzzling over the course of the night.

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