What Happened When a Woman Dressed Like Kim Kardashian for a Week

Writer Sally Holmes wanted a personal view of Kim's style.

— -- Reality-TV star Kim Kardashian is now a bona fide fashion icon, and one fashion writer decided to take on her style for a week.

Sally Holmes, seniors news editor for Elle.com, donned two pairs of Spanx and a waist trainer under fashions Kardashian has sported. Holmes told ABC News that it took her about two hours each day to recreate Kardashian's hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Holmes even tried Kardashian’s diet.

“I'm not really a body-hugging person. And she goes tight on tight all the time,” Holmes said. “And that was something that I learned -- that, why not try it? Why not see how you feel? Take a risk. It felt good. I still wasn't fully comfortable, but what's the harm in trying something?”

She learned that it takes enormous confidence to pull off Kardashian’s style, particularly since the star – a perpetual favorite subject of paparazzi -- must always appear flawless even when she’s not feeling her best.

Holmes’ personal style is very different from Kardashian’s. Holmes described her own style as “more effortless, throw something on.”

Parts one and two of her four-part series have already appeared on Elle.com, and they caught the eye of Kardashian herself, drawing a favorable tweet from her.

“I was shocked,” Holmes said of the Kardashian tweet. “I was very pleased that she liked the article, because, you know … I'm -- like, bow down to Kim. Because I have so much respect for her after doing this.”

Kardashian also invited Holmes to Nashville for the launch of a new energy drink, and the writer had a chance to chat with her.

Kardashian told her about her own insecurities, including that “there's some days that she feels fat, that there's some days where she has to wear two pairs of Spanx,” Holmes said. “And she'll put on the clothes. She'll … make herself feel good because of sucking everything in if you have to. She'll pose for the pictures. She'll do it. And then she gets in the car and unbuttons her pants like everyone else. “

Holmes also said she loves that Kardashian embraces her body.

“I kind of love that she has such a curvy body,” Holmes said. “And I think for so long we've been working -- every woman I know -- at being thin. And she has kind of put in the front and center: Own your curves. Own your femininity.’”