High school senior jumps out of plane for elaborate skydiving 'promposal'

The happy couple was even crowned prom king and queen.

— -- Asking someone to prom has gotten much bigger and flashier over the years, but this "promposal" really proves that the sky is the limit.

High school senior Ty Myers of Bristol, Tennessee, had one thing on his mind when he was about to jump out of a plane in an elaborate skydiving stunt: prom.

“What better way to go above and beyond than jump out of a plane two miles above the earth?” Myers, 19, told ABC News of his high-flying "promposal."

Myers jumped from 12,000 feet while wearing a suit and tie and holding a sign that read: “I’m falling for U! Prom?”

“This does not surprise me one bit!” his date, Katie Potter, told ABC News. “He's the type of guy to go above and beyond, no matter what he does for anyone. Especially me, though.”

The happy couple said prom on Saturday was “awesome.”

“Katie and I both enjoy getting out there and dancing and just having a great time!” said Myers. “We also were blessed to win prom king and queen, which was amazing and just capped off a great night!”

Myers is an avid skydiver with nearly 30 jumps under his belt. He already knew his girlfriend of two years would be his date to prom, but he said he wanted to ask his “really special girl” in a “really special way.”

“Katie is such an amazing and special girl who treats everyone with genuine kindness and has an attitude about her that makes it hard not to love her,” said Myers. “I felt that I had to do something big for her to show her just how special she is. She is the type of girl that would have been fine with a simple note passed to her, but this was something I wanted to do that I thought would mean a lot to her.”