Highly-anticipated 'Frozen: The Broadway Musical' makes its debut

Disney's 2013 blockbuster animated film "Frozen" is finally coming to life.

Disney's 2013 blockbuster animated film "Frozen" is finally coming to life and making it's long-awaited Broadway debut.

"Frozen: The Broadway Musical" is certainly not just for kids, as it promises something for all ages. Caissie Levy and Patti Murin, who star as lead characters Elsa and Anna, stopped by "Popcorn with Peter Travers" to talk about bringing the characters to life.

"It's an entirely different property than the film," Murin said. "There's three times as much music. There are so many new songs. And so you treat it like it's something completely new."

Levy added, "I think we're both trying not to let expectations other people may have kind of get in the way of enjoying the moment. And enjoying getting this insane, crazy opportunity to be originating these roles on Broadway."

The characters from the original film influenced children around the world, sparking a craze for little blue princess dresses similar to that worn in the film by Elsa and rousing performances of the film's signature number, "Let it Go." But aside from the huge fandom of the film, at its core, it is a story about family. Levy touched on this while discussing their roles as sisters in the Broadway show.

"Elsa loves, loves, loves her sister," she said. "It's sort of the classic oldest child, first one, wants to do well by her parents, knows that one day far in the future, she will be queen. But [she] doesn't want to think about that. And has also known, sort of intuitively, deep down, that this strange power she has that she can't control is something that's bad because it's hurt her sister at a very young age. And so she's taught to conceal it and deny it. And it's a basic part of who she is."

Travers asked each to choose a favorite moment from the other's performance in the Broadway production.

"My favorite moment that I sneak out to watch almost every night is her final act two number called 'True Love' which is a brand new song for the show," Levy said. "It's a beautiful ballad which she acts the crap out of and it sounds glorious."

Murin said her favorite moment in the show is a classic. "'Let It Go' -- 1,000 percent. I watch it every night. I go back in my robe and watch her sing this song which is so iconic. And she just makes it look so easy. And I know by talking to her and knowing her, that it is not easy, vocally, physically, costume, the effects and what not."

You can see "Frozen: The Broadway Musical" now at the St. James Theater in New York. Be sure to watch the full interview with Travers, Levy and Murin in the video above. ABC News and "Frozen: The Broadway Musical" are both owned by parent company Disney.

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