'One Hot Ticket': Hip-Hop Musical 'Hamilton' Takes Over White House for a Day

If you don't know Alexander Hamilton, now you know!

Delivering remarks prior to a performance in the East Room tonight, the President said it was an “understatement to say this was one hot ticket.”

While Hamilton himself never ascended to the presidency, his story had captured the admiration of President Obama and the first lady, who invited the cast for a workshop and special performance inside the White House today.

The president said that the soundtrack to the musical has become a “favorite in the Obama household,” prompting cheers from Mrs. Obama, who the president called out for her audible enthusiasm.

The audience snapped along as seven cast members rapped and sang the hit track "Alexander Hamilton." Others sang backup vocals.

It's not the first time in the White House for the musical's creator and lead Lin-Manuel Miranda. He first performed the musical's title track at the White House Poetry Slam in 2009, before he even had written the full musical.

"The truth is though, they do owe me," the president quipped, adding that he laughed when Miranda told him the idea for the show. "Obviously, since that time, 'Hamilton' has become a phenomenon, a smash hit. It’s taken Broadway by storm, captivating the entire country, winning tons of awards, turned musical haters into diehard fans.

"Who is laughing now?" Obama beamed. "Not to take credit or anything, but this is definitely the room where it happened."

Obama then chose the Broadway version as the setting for a fundraiser near the end of last year at the Richard Rodgers Theatre where he called 'Hamilton' "a cultural landmark."

Obama said that he wanted to share this incredible musical at the White House with folks who otherwise might not have this experience on Broadway.

"Hamilton is not just for people who can score a ticket to a pricey Broadway show," Obama said. "It is a story for all of us, and about all of us."

Vice President, Dr. Jill Biden and several administration officials also attended the performance.

Miranda, 36, reflected on the experience of performing for Obama during an interview with “60 Minutes.”

"When the president is here, what is he thinking as he sees George Washington say, 'I have to step down so the country can move on?'" Miranda said.

Miranda and the “Hamilton” cast announced their White House visit in an online video. The group also held a student workshop and Q&A at the White House.