'Homeland' and More Shocking TV Finales

VIDEO: Claire Danes on how she relates to her "Homeland" character.

Well, that was a nail-biter.

The first season of the much lauded, Golden Globe-nominated "Homeland" wrapped up on Sunday on Showtime with a 90-minute long episode in which, SPOILER ALERT, Sgt. Nicholas Brody's daughter thwarted his terror attack, CIA agent Carrie Mathison got arrested (and then mentally committed), and a whole new world of intrigue was unleashed as fodder for season two.

The episode was in the tradition of many other drama finales. Click through to read up on memorable final episodes from six other series:

PHOTO: In this image released by HBO, the cast of the HBO series, "Big Love," from left, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny, are shown.
"Big Love."

After five seasons, HBO's polygamy series "Big Love" went off the air in March with a bang. Series star Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) died after getting shot by a neighbor who resented him for resodding his lawn without asking. "I wonder if you think I can't do that for myself?" the neighbor asks. "If you think I'm unworthy or inadequate? I can't take care of my wife?"

Cut to Henrickson's three wives in the kitchen preparing an Easter feast. BANG, BANG the polygamist who staunchly defended "the principle" and seemed to believe he was becoming a prophet, was dead.

PHOTO: This image released by HBO, shows the cast of the Sopranos.
"The Sopranos."

The mob series' 2007 finale, "Made in America," began with the aftermath of a brutal mob war which left several members injured or dead. Tony Soprano confronted Junior one last time and tried to deal with returning to normal family life, but the episode ended in a puzzling and stunning black screen at a diner, as Meadow comes to meet Tony, Carmela and Anthony Jr. Did Tony get shot? Nobody seems agree on what happened.

PHOTO: Terry O'Quinn plays,Jack on the Abc television show "Lost".

In a show shrouded in mystery, many expected its 2010 finale, "The End," to shed light on the increasingly bizarre events. Viewers learned that the castaways of Oceanic 815 were brought to the island so that Jack could be appointed "protector" of the land, and survivors reunited in Los Angeles.

PHOTO: The cast of Six Feet Under, is seen in this publicity image, which aired on HBO from 2001-2005.
"Six Feet Under"

In a show that always began with a death, 2005's "Everyone's Waiting" included a birth as well; Nate and Brenda's daughter arrived. There are funeral home squabbles, and eager fans' questions are answered with a montage showing how each character meets his maker. The message is clear: everyone is waiting to die.

PHOTO: In this image released by Fox Broadcasting, Kiefer Sutherland is shown in a scene from the film "24: Redemption," on FOX.

"24's" 2010 finale, "Day 8: 3:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m.," offered one final chance to expose conspiracy. President Taylor never signed the peace treaty that she had worked so hard for, and Jack had a tearful goodbye with Chloe before planning to leave the country. Still, many questions remain.

PHOTO: Anthony Edwards, Laura Innes and Noah Wyle act in scene in NBC's primetime drama series "ER", 2001.
Warner Bros./Getty Images

Many old friends reunite in the 2009 finale episode, "And In the End," when Carter opened up a new medical center for the underprivileged in Chicago. Guest stars helped wrap up this long running medical drama, as a teen is treated for alcohol poisoning and a woman goes into labor with twins.

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