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'Hook' Cast Grows Up: 25th Anniversary Reunion Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

The Lost Boys and more got into their old costumes and remembered their leader.

ByABC News
August 10, 2016, 12:35 PM

— -- The Lost Boys aren't boys anymore.

Steven Spielberg's classic film "Hook" is turning 25 this December and the cast reunited to celebrate.

Production company 22 Vision got the gang back together to honor the milestone with a photo shoot and, most recently, a video of what Peter Pan's kids and the Lost Boys are up to now.

Both Amber Scott, who played the adorable Maggie at the age of 6, and Charlie Kosmo, who played Peter Pan's son Jack, left acting to pursue academics -- though Kosmo briefly returned to the big screen as a lead in the film "Can't Hardly Wait." Both went on to graduate college and Kosmo graduated from Yale Law School. He is now an attorney and law professor.

The young boy from the Bronx who played Don't Ask, James Madio, has continued a successful acting career, working with both Dustin Hoffman and Spielberg again since "Hook."

To catch up with the rest of the cast, check out the video.

The cast took a stroll down memory lane and put the old costumes back on, though probably in slightly bigger sizes, mimicking the same poses from years ago.

22 Vision has promised more reunion content to come.

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