Hottest UFC Fighters Reveal Fun Facts About Themselves

You won't believe some of these fun facts about the biggest UFC fighters.

— -- Over the past two decades, the UFC -- Ultimate Fighting Championship -- has become one of the biggest sports on the planet. It reaches more than one billion TV households around the world and has more than 260 million fans worldwide -- 39 million of them in the United States, and about a third of those U.S. fans are women.

Take a look to learn a little more about the UFC fighters:

Frankie Edgar: Edgar met his wife in kindergarten. They used their kindergarten class photo as their wedding invitation. He’s excellent at trivia and wants to be on “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

Paige VanZant: She was bulled in high school. She also loves to cook. Her mom can’t watch any of her fights because she’s too nervous.

Chuck Liddell: He used to paint his toenails for good luck before fights.

Bruce Buffer: His brother is Michael Buffer, the voice of boxing and originator of the “Let’s get ready to rumble” catchphrase.