Inside the Lindo Wing Where Duchess Kate Gave Birth

Kate gave birth at the same hospital where Prince George was born.

ByABC News
May 2, 2015, 7:21 AM

— -- Fans camped out at the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital Paddington in London for weeks, eager to catch a glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge, who gave birth to a baby girl today.

The Lindo Wing, the same place Kate, 33, delivered Prince George nearly two years ago, offers everything that the discerning parents of a future king or queen may want or need. Some of the amenities include Wi-Fi, satellite television, a refrigerator, a safe and a catering service to meet any whim the newly expectant parents night want.

There is even a wine list in case they want to pop some bubbly to celebrate the birth.

But the Lindo Wing's exclusive service does not come cheap.

A one-night stay in a suite of two rooms at the Lindo Wing costs £6570 pounds, or about $10,000 for a normal delivery. Doctors' fees add an additional $10,000 to the bill.

Kate and her husband, Prince William, 32, reportedly will receive a 10 percent loyalty discount for having their second baby at the Lindo Wing.

The hospital boasts of having a hotel services team to help family "settle in and feel at home."

The Lindo Wing is where the late Princess Diana also delivered both Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry.

Prince George and his father, William, are the only two direct heirs to the throne delivered in the Lindo Wing.