Go Behind-the-Scenes of Michael Strahan's Morning at 'GMA'

Michael Strahan takes you behind-the-scenes of his morning routine.

— -- Michael Strahan is revealing his secrets to waking up happy in his new book and gave ABC News an inside look at his morning routine.

Strahan hosted his first-ever livestream, taking us behind the scenes of his drive to work, his busy day at "Good Morning America," how he preps for the show, and everything unfiltered in between.

In case you missed it, watch the videos to see how the football Hall of Famer wakes up happy every day:

6:30 AM: "GMA" producer, Sarah Kunin, and Strahan's assistant, Sarah Politis, meet Strahan outside of his apartment just before 6:30 a.m. and prep him for his “GMA” segments including the Speed Feed, “Deals and Steals” and an interview with former pro-football player Tony Gonzalez.

6:45 AM: At "GMA" we meet some of the producers and crew members, who work with our anchor team every day. Michael also bumps into his pal, actor Jack Black, who was visiting “GMA” to promote his new movie “Goosebumps.”

8:00 AM: We ride uptown from the "GMA" Times Square studio to the set of "Live! with Kelly and Michael." In the car, Strahan got candid, chatting with his team about a variety of fun topics, from his assistant’s social life, to what he enjoys most about driving through the streets of New York. He also answered ABC News’ viewers Twitter questions.