Inside Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' Incredible Beach Vacation

See the insane pics the A-list couple posted online.

March 16, 2016, 9:51 AM

— -- Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris posted some very incredible photos from the couple's beach vacation that took place recently and coincided with the couple's anniversary.

Pics include solo shots of Swift and Harris, taken by the other, and even a kissing shot.

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Let's begin.

The DJ solo on the beach.

The couple together.

And Swift striking a pose for her man.

Now onto Swift's account!

The kiss! (1.8 million likes).

TS and AW, which is for Taylor Swift and Adam Wiles, Harris' birth name. (But you Swifties already knew that).

And finally, another pose.

Well played guys, well played indeed. Looks like something that happens only in your "Wildest Dreams." (Get it?)

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