Isaac H. Wright, aka Bran Stark, Pays Tribute to Beloved Pal Hodor

Fans watched helplessly Sunday night as Hodor held the door.

— -- It's been four days of mourning since we bid farewell to Hodor -- the loyal servant of Winterfell and Brandon Stark's right-hand man in "Game of Thrones."

Last night, Bran himself, Isaac H. Wright, paid sweet homage to the late character with a tribute on his Twitter page.

"Even though Hodor may be gone, @KristianNairn isn't getting away from me that easy...#HoldTheDoor #GameofThrones," Wright tweeted on Wednesday.

Fans watched helplessly Sunday night as the simple-minded Hodor was killed by wights as he protected Bran and the group from the same fate.

Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his character's death, revealing he "loved" the way his character went out by saving the lives of his friends.

Nairn tweeted a selfie of himself alongside buddy Wright while the two actors shared what may or may not be a "Hold the Door" themed cake, writing, "Even after all he's done to poor hodor. I'm still sharing my cake with @Isaac_H_Wright #love #gameofthrones."