Jamie Foxx complains about dating at 49: 'It's tough out there'

The actor said, "It's tough out there."

The actor hilariously recounted just how hard it was on Friday's "The Graham Norton Show."

"It's tough out there," he quipped. "I am getting older, but people think I am younger because I hang out with Kanye… so I see younger girls. It's terrible."

Foxx said he has "to be careful" when he parties in Los Angeles because of all of the young girls. He recounted a time when he was DJing at a club and met a few women in their 20s.

Mimicking their voices, Foxx recalled: "I'm 22! I'm 23! Oh my gosh, she's ancient, she's 27!'

"When I told them how old I was you would've thought I told them I had a terminal disease," Foxx quipped.

At least Foxx, who has never married but has two daughters from previous relationships, can forget about his love life when he celebrates his 50th birthday in December.

The actor said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" earlier this month that he plans to go big for his milestone birthday.

"I'mma go crazy. There's an island," he revealed. "It'll be a progression of the people down to my real dawgs," Foxx said. "It'll be family, family, family -- 'OK, y'all get outta here.'"