'Jason Bourne': 10 Burning Questions Answered

All is explained ... for the most part.

— -- "Who is David Webb?"

ABC News invited a Bourne newbie to the screening of Damon's latest thriller and told her simply, "Ask me anything!" And she did.

Here's what she had to say, hopefully it'll clear up some questions other people may have as well.

Minor Spoilers Ahead From Previous Films

1 - Who is David Webb?

Why do you keep asking that? OK, just kidding: That's Bourne's real name before he became a spy. During "Ultimatum," the audience learned that he volunteered to join the CIA and Treadstone to "save American lives" and do what he needed to do, no matter the cost. He was a trained assassin and covert operative who changed his name to Bourne, among other names.

2 - Who Is 'The Asset'?

This can get confusing, but based on previous films, "the asset," which is repeated over and over in this film, is the CIA's trained operative they call in to take people out. Bourne tends to tangle with these guys and gals, and the action gets intense.

3 - Is the CIA good or bad?

Well, for the most part, they have been lead by some bad apples in the past. Bourne found respite in Pam Landy, but mostly he's had to deal with CIA heads sending assets to kill him. They've also broken laws and targeted U.S. citizens, and in this movie, they take things even further.

4 - Are Julia Styles and Matt Damon involved romantically?

In "Ultimatum," she definitely alluded to the idea that they had been involved. He also had a relationship with Nicky that felt similar to what he had with Marie from "Identity." Nicky is a former CIA analyst who doesn't believe in the agency anymore and they have a bond.

5 - Why is Bourne so tortured?

He's basically a moral man and when he lost his memories in "Identity," he became a different person. He didn't want to kill anymore and he wanted to be as far away from the agency as possible. For three movies, the audience has watched him punish himself mentally.

6 - What is Treadstone, Black Briar, etc.?

Each movie introduces a new black opps team and they are the elite unit that carries out the assassinations Bourne used to handle. When they talk about Treadstone, that was the original team. Each new team is an upgrade, mentally and physically.

7 - The car chases are a little intense, no?

8 - What's up with the flashbacks?

That's Bourne remembering his past. It happens quite often, since he used to have full amnesia.

9 - Did we know about Bourne's [blank] before "Jason Bourne?"

Nope, a lot about his past is revealed here, so this question a little edited so as not to spoil the movie.

10 - Why is the woman behind me laughing so much?

Some of the action scenes and scenarios can be a little ridiculous and seen in trailers -- the pancaking of cars in Las Vegas by a SWAT truck is pretty crazy. The trick is to really suspend reality on this one and just enjoy the ride! Or maybe she got a funny text?

"Jason Bourne" hits theaters on Friday.