Jennifer Aniston Calls Cosmetic Injections 'a Slippery, Slippery Slope'

The actress talks beauty and reveals that she's working on a cookbook.

She's sticking to that theory.

"It just doesn’t help. It’s a slippery, slippery slope," she told Yahoo Beauty. "And like we were saying before, they just start to lose perspective, it’s their new normal, so it’s a hard one to come back from."

Now 46, Aniston said that she feels "physically better" than she did in her 20s, thanks to healthy living. She loves to exercise. And while her first love is running, she's been mixing it up a bit lately amid an unspecified injury.

Diet is also important. The actress revealed that she's working on a cookbook chock full of healthy recipes. But she also knows how to splurge too.

"I love Patrón. I also love Don Julio 1942 as a nice sipping tequila. It’s so yummy, it has a little sweetness to it, which I usually don’t like," she said. "[My fiancé] Justin [Theroux] actually makes the perfect margarita with it, because there’s no agave, no sugar, no mix. It’s pure tequila, lime juice, a squinch of Cointreau. It’s delicious."