Jennifer Aniston Reveals 'Rachel' Haircut Created When Stylist Was 'Stoned'

"He was loaded when he gave me the haircut," the former "Friends" star said.

— -- When fans run into any of the former cast from "Friends," the same question is always brought up -- "Will there be a reunion?"

"At this point, I feel like honestly we should just wait," she said of the show that ended in 2004. "I say we just wait till we are much older and just be old and friends."

She said, if the cast waits, people won't be wondering about the physical changes or any comparisons to the cast a decade ago.

After Graham Norton suggested a depressing reunion so that no one would want to see them again, Aniston, 45, said, "Oh no, dead 'Friends.' ... Then, we'll know that there's no reunion to have!"

Aniston also dished about her famous hairdo the "Rachel," which she admits was only on for like a season.

"So, that baby had some legs," she said. "Well, Chris McMillan, who we all know and love, he was loaded when he gave me the haircut. Stoned out of his mind, so, which is true, and he didn't think about, 'Oh, she's going to have to do this herself. Look, I'm having a great time being creative with this blow dryer and he leaves me with a round brush and a hair dryer. I don't know how to make it look like that!'"

She added it was "hair hell" for a girl.