Jennifer Connelly Just Got Her First Computer

"Beautiful Mind" star is uncomfortable with technology and social situations.

"I am Miss Analog. I bought my first computer just yesterday," the Oscar nominated actress confessed to Town and Country's June/July issue.

The 44-year-old star of "Aloft" became the proud owner of a MacBook Air after she took her iPhone in for repairs and was asked by the Apple technician how she backs up her data.

"In college I wrote on an old typewriter," Connelly told the magazine.

She also grew up in a low-tech household.

"Anything that we had in our house -- which at that point was, like, a CD player -- my parents, if it didn't work, would be like, 'Can you fix it? Can you make it work?'" Connelly said. "I am loath to be that person, and I am that person in my house now -- the one who's like, 'Can you please tell me how to print the whatever?'"

"My husband is on Twitter, but I am not," she said.

He's also more comfortable working a room than she is.

"I'm not the most gregarious person in the room, for sure. I think by coupling with Paul, that kind of works," she said about Bettany, whom she met on the set of "A Beautiful Mind" in 2001 and married in 2003. "I'm more reserved. I can be kind of shy in a group. I mean, I manage it pretty well, but he's much more outgoing than I am."

But once Connelly is comfortable with a person, she said, "I'm a compulsive confessor."

As for getting comfortable with social media, she said, "I'll probably at some point get involved in Instagram and things like that because I feel it's reality and it's the way people communicate."

She paused. "I don't know," she said. "Possibly."