Jennifer Lawrence: 5 of Her Most Down-to-Earth Quotes Ever

The "Hunger Games" star talks partying privately, her new dog and more.

"She arrived for the afternoon interview fully primped for a photo shoot (black stilettos, white micro-miniskirt with zippers on the side) and took command: efficient handshake, can we please turn off the air conditioning, let’s get on with this," the newspaper reported. "Before long, though, she had her feet on the sofa and was unwrapping candy while laughing and showing signs of being a fun gossip."

Need more proof? Here are five quotes from Lawrence that could very well have come from your best friend.

2. On how she copes with nerves: "I have a prescription," she quipped.

3. On the "important things": The actress said she's trying to"focus on important things like picking up dog poop." "I have a little mutt," she explained, "and we just moved into a new house. She thinks that the hallway with the guest bedrooms is a lost land where I never go and that she can use as her own personal bathroom."

4. On how she prefers to party: "I don’t have to go to the [hotspot] Chateau Marmont to have a birthday party," she said. "I can just have it at my house!"