Jennifer Lopez Reveals How She Learned to Love Herself

JLo tells Dr. Oz what motivated her to choose better relationships.

"I think for me, because I still do a lot of shows and things like that, my body is different," she told the "Dr. Oz Show" during an appearance that airs Friday. "I feel like I'm better in the sense that I can do everything I did in my 20s better now. But I have a bad neck from injuries and my lower back from all the heels all the time. It's just the different things that start aching a little bit, like when I wake up in the morning. I'm like this is new. It's just those type of things that's been my kind of issue lately."

"My kids came into my life. They changed everything, as they do, because they show you what real, unconditional love feels like," Lopez told host Dr. Mehmet Oz about her 6-year-old twins. "You learn that and then you start thinking about relationships in a different way. All of that happening at the same time got me to the short message of I haven't been taking care of myself or loving myself.