Jennifer Lopez Reveals How She Changed Ben Affleck

Plus, the singer tells "GMA" about her twins and her new album.

June 20, 2014 -- Jennifer Lopez named her album "A.K.A." because she's been known as so many things throughout the years.

At one point, she was one-half of the celebrity couple, "Bennifer," and in a new interview, she said she changed the other half of that combo, Ben Affleck.

"I did kind of, like, say ... 'You're a movie star, you should wear a suit. You should do this with your hair.' For sure," she told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live." "He was into it! He didn't do anything he didn't want to do."

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"He had some good moments, some good fashion moments when he was with me," she added.

Lopez, 44, then made an appearance on "Good Morning America" Friday morning, and performed live for fans in Central Park.

It's been a busy week for the singer, who also performed on the opening day of the World Cup in Brazil.

"It’s electric inside that stadium on opening day. They cannot wait," she said. "It was just an amazing performance, and doing it with Pitbull, who is like my brother, we were just like two little kids [asking], ‘What are we doing here?'"

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Meanwhile, in the midst of it all, Lopez is still balancing being a mother to her six-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

"It’s always a juggling act. Every working mom out there knows what it’s like," she said. "You know you put your kids first and everything kind of falls in line behind that, and you do the best you can."