Jennifer Lopez talks about 'the journey of becoming whole on my own' at 50 on 'The View'

The international superstar celebrated her milestone 50th birthday in July.

At 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez has it all: success, beauty, family, love and more. But out of everything, she told "The View" that learning to be "whole on my own" is one of the most important things she has gained in life.

On Thursday, "Jenny from the Block" spoke openly about what she's learned since her first movie, "Selena," dropped over 25 years ago.

Lopez said "the journey of becoming whole on my own" was her most valuable life lesson and that made her discover true happiness.

"I always thought that I was gonna find happiness and love and that another person was going to give that to me, and then I realized that's not how it is at all," Lopez said. "You actually get to be happy all by yourself. If you can just kind of appreciate yourself and know your worth, your value, that you can be a happy person."

Instead of consuming yourself with concerns over other people's opinions or waiting on someone else to validate your worth and create joy for you, produce your own positive self-worth and fulfillment, Lopez said.

"I'm happy. I have a great life. I'm a good person. I live in a good way. ... I have great friends and I can call somebody and go anywhere and do anything. ... I'm healthy. I have beautiful children," Lopez said. "Those things are really the most important things."

Lopez returns to the big screen on Friday, where she is starring in "Hustlers," a film that she also produced. The superstar also recently wrapped up her summer "It's My Party" tour in anticipation of her milestone 50th birthday on July 24. Lopez said she wanted to do the tour because she "thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate such a big birthday," but she said it "wound up doing something else."

"It put it out there for everybody that it's, like, this is nothing to be ashamed of," Lopez said. "Women don't get written off at a certain time. ... You decide, I want to get better everyday."

On "The View" on Thursday, Lopez also spoke about potential locations, saying, "We're talking about different places that mean something to us, but we'll see."

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