Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen?

VIDEO: Jenny McCarthy talks about Charlie Sheens "sexual energy" on the set of "Two and a Half Men."
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The Hollywood dating scene got a lot more interesting this week, with newly- single stars Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Liz Hurley, Michael C. Hall, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens back on the block.

"I can't wait to see who Ryan Reynolds dates next," Jenny McCarthy gushed on "The View" Wednesday.

Nor can we, which is why we thought it would be fun to make some suggestions to Reynolds and other single celebrities, about who they should date in the coming year. We enlisted the help of's relationship expert, Whitney Casey, author of "The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild -- Not Away."

Casey's advice to all celebrities and us mere mortals: "Be cognizant about the time they spend making moments together. Once you become one with someone else, you can't continue being that celebrity you were."

Casey believes Reynolds and Johansson, who announced Tuesday that they were ending their two-year marriage, fell victim to spending more time apart than together, "sharing memories rather than making memories." She said a good rule of thumb for all couples is: 30 percent of the time should be spent pursuing individual goals, friends and work and 70 percent should be spent together.

"Here we can use Brad (Pitt) and Angelina (Jolie) for something good," she said. "They are way busier, yet they manage to keep a healthy relationship. They set apart their schedules to be together or they shoot in the same locations."

If two of the biggest stars on the planet can make it work, then there's hope for other star couples. Here are our suggestions for potential matchups in 2011:

Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen

The two met again recently on the set of "Two and a Half Men," where McCarthy reprised her role as crazy Courtney. Though Sheen's character breaks up with her on Monday's episode, there was clearly chemistry between the two.

"In person, you can see why people dig him," McCarthy told the ladies of ABC's "The View" on Wednesday. "He does exude this sexual energy."

And wouldn't you know it -- both McCarthy and Sheen are single again. Sheen filed for divorce from wife Brooke Mueller in November. McCarthy recently broke up with Vegas performer Jason Toohey, whom she began dating after her five-year relationship with Jim Carrey ended in April.

Being single for the second time this year seems to have caught McCarthy off guard. "I'm not like a serial dater," she told "The View" co-hosts. "I go into a relationship for several years. This is the first time since I was 12 that I'm single. I'm being picky now."

Too picky for Sheen, who has a history of alcohol and drug abuse, hiring prostitutes and domestic assault? McCarthy was undaunted by Sheen's latest flap, in which he was reportedly found drunk and naked in a New York City hotel room, though it occurred just before the "Two and a Half Men" taping.

"He was great," she said. "He was super cool."

Then again, McCarthy admitted she brings out the best in people she's around. "I feel like I'm a cocker spaniel on set," she said.

McCarthy could be exactly what Sheen needs -- someone to calm him down. A former Playboy Playmate, she certainly fits his type. And the two could bond over the travails of parenthood.

Whitney Casey,'s relationship expert, thinks a McCarthy-Sheen matchup is a "train wreck" waiting to happen. "She's rescuing kids," Casey said about McCarthy, a vocal advocate for autism research. "She doesn't need to be involved with a kid. I don't think she has the right cup size for him. Too many brains and not enough boobs."

Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant

Hurley may be linked to Australian cricket player Shane Warne since announcing her breakup with husband Arun Nayar, but London Daily News' columnist Sandra Parsons thinks she and old boyfriend Hugh Grant belong together.

"If ever two people were made for each other, it's Hurley and Grant," Parsons wrote.

The two began dating when she was 21 and stayed together for 13 years, even after Grant's infamous encounter with prostitute Divine Brown. And, according to Parsons, Grant has remained a constant presence in Hurley's life -- as godfather to her son Damian.

Earlier this year, Grant, who turned 50, revealed that he ought to "get married and have children." Given his devotion to her son and their history together, Grant and Hurley, 45, could make a successful go of it the second time around.

Casey doesn't think so. "It's very rare that you can rekindle an old relationship," she said. "You never want to bring up the past unless it has bearing on the future. And with these two the past is always in their face. I say start new."

Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney

Since her breakup with Brad Pitt in 2005, Jennifer Aniston has been linked with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and Gerard Butler, but the headlines always return to Pitt.

Casey believes Aniston won't be able to fully move on until she stops talking about Pitt and Jolie, the woman who reportedly stole him away.

"Anybody who ever mentions Brad Pitt to her again, she should drop kick them," Casey said. "Enough already. Her mantra for 2011 needs to be: move on. But the fact that she still connected to Brad Pitt, it seems to me like she still enjoys the victim role. And there's nothing empowering about that role. She needs to move on from victim to victor."

Though George Clooney is dating Italian model Elisabetta Canalis, Casey believes someone of his caliber -- an older mega star -- would be the right fit for Aniston.

"Younger men love victims," Casey said. "She needs a mega star that she would look up to and not allow her to be a victim in anything."

Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles

With the finale of "Dexter" came Michael C. Hall's announcement that he was ending his marriage to co-star Jennifer Carpenter.

The two met in 2007 on the set of the Showtime series, while playing siblings. Before Carpenter, Hall, 39, was married to actress Amy Spanger for five years until 2006. Now come rumors that Hall has eyes for Julia Stiles, who starred as Dexter's partner in crime and romance this season.

"Maybe it's silly of me, but aside from the killing that they do together, there is something really romantic and intimate about their relationship because of what they know about each other and their acceptance of those aspects of each other," Stiles told the Boston Herald recently.

Casey hopes the rumors of a real-life romance between Stiles and Hall aren't true. "Michael C. Hall should be dating his laptop," she said. "He's been from one woman to the other. And I don't think another woman is a solution. He needs to date himself.

Earlier this year, Hall battled Hodgkin's lymphoma. "He needs to figure out what his needs are now. Now that you no longer have cancer, you're no longer a married person, who are you? Men don't take enough time to figure that out.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

Reynolds needs to find someone who can be on the same schedule with him, Casey said. "Either a way bigger star than him or someone who's not a star at all," she added.

Sandra Bullock, Reynolds' co-star in "The Proposal," certainly fits the bill for the former. The two apparently formed a close friendship on the set and are ready to team up for a new action comedy that will be Bullock's first film since she divorced ex-husband Jesse James.

The two appear to be natural cut-ups and can make each other laugh. They also share a belief in keeping their private lives private.

"In theory, they sound like a great couple," Casey said, "but Sandra Bullock needs to take some real time out of the dating ring and really refocus her life."

Bullock, who has said she's happy being a single mom to adopted son Louis, appears to be doing that. Casey said the next guy in her life, after her scandalous breakup with James, will most likely be a "starter guy," followed by "the real deal."

So Reynolds may have to wait, which could give them both time to mend broken hearts and for people to forget the show-stealing kiss between Johansson and Bullock at this year's MTV Movie Awards.