Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Might Elope

See where they'd like to tie the knot and what kind of dress McCarthy wants.

May 2, 2014 — -- It's been just two weeks since Jenny McCarthy got engaged to Donnie Wahlberg, but the couple is already revealing details of what they want for their big day.

"I'd like a small wedding," Wahlberg told US Weekly. "A perfect wedding for me would be Jenny, myself, and our three boys."

McCarthy added that they haven't ruled out the possibility of eloping.

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"We haven't decided yet," McCarthy said, adding depending on the day, she and Wahlberg go back and forth between eloping and a bigger wedding with 150 guests.

"Bravo's Andy [Cohen] would officiate if we're not eloping!" McCarthy said. The couple would also like to write their own vows.

The "View" co-host also spoke to People about the engagement ring and what it symbolizes.

"I said I wouldn’t want a big diamond," she told People. "I’ve done it. I like sapphires for their stone, their meanings behind it. Then he went and surprised me! My ring is a yellow sapphire, which means wisdom and prosperity, which is why I like it.”

She also said pink and white are out when it comes to the dress.

"Ivory I think possibly, for my age," she said. "I think I want a spring wedding. We’re like, do we do August and get it over with or do we wait a year? I think wait a year ... We both like New York because [coming from] Chicago and Boston, everyone can get to New York.”